Reynolds Rap

Reynolds Rap

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BOOK FAIR!! Getting ready for Summer Reading!


The book fair got off to a rocky start today with the librarian down for the count, but thank goodness for Parent Volunteers!! The fair is proceeding as planned!


Please come support your school's library and be sure to thank those volunteers while you're there!


The book fair will end Monday, May 7th here at school. The Online Book Fair will continue through May 11th! Bring the whole family to celebrate reading on Family Night, Thursday, May 3rd, 3:30 - 6:30!


More details about the Summer Reading Program coming soon!!

Wave Two!!

Wave Two was completed in the "Books are Bodacious" AR contest. The First Place Winners got a movie party to see "Lilo and Stitch", complete with popcorn and juice! Second and Third Place Winners were able to select from a selection of rings, bracelets, pencils and bookmarks.


Congratulations to the winners!


First Grade:

            1st – Delgado

            2nd – Traeger

            3rd – Arellano

Second Grade:

            1st – Bennett

            2nd – Hrncir

            3rd – Oliver

Third Grade:

            1st – Carrillo

            2nd – Cerda

            3rd – Gonzales

Fourth Grade:

            1st – Quebe

            2nd – Raga

            3rd - Warner


The third and final wave started March 24th and will end May 4th!


We're following a surfing theme to encourage reading and the Accelerated Reader program. Excitement runs high in 1st through 4th grades as classes compete to see who can pass the most AR tests with at least 85%.


The overall contest has three "waves". The Wave One winners were:

1 st Grade

1st Place – Ms. Delgado

2nd Place – Mrs. Holguin

3rd Place – Mrs. Hornsby

2 nd Grade

1st Place – Mrs. Martinez

2nd Place – Mr. Oliver

3rd Place – Mrs. Bennett

3rd Grade

1st Place – Ms. Cerda

2nd Place – Mrs. Castillo

3rd Place – Mrs. Gonzales

4th Grade

1st Place – Ms. Quebe

2nd Place – Mrs. Warner

3rd Place – Mrs. Scott


First place classes had a movie party February 6th. They had fun eating nachos and watching "Surf's Up!" The 2nd and 3rd place classes came to library to pick out prizes. They got rings, bracelets, bentcils, bookmarks and other cool stuff!

There's lots of bodacious reading going on at Heritage!

PK, K and 1st Learn About Trying New Things


It's been awhile since Ms. Reynolds played the guitar, especially in front of an audience! Library classes in the library this week talked about being nervous about doing something new and feeling afraid to make mistakes. We concluded that, even if we make mistakes, our friends and family will hardly notice; and if they do, they will love us anyway! The children seemed to enjoy hearing the song "Goodnight" by Laurie Berkner (lyrics below). The especially loved singing it!



By: L. Berkner

I’m a little frog

And my daddy loves me

And I’m a big frog

And my mommy loves me

And when they tuck me in to say “Goodnight”

They say, “Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit! Goodnight!”



Goodnight little frog Goodnight



“Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit! Goodnight!”

And I’m a little tiger

And my daddy loves me

And I’m a big tiger

And my mommy loves me

And when they tuck me in to say, “Goodnight”

They say, “Roar, roar, roar! Goodnight!”



Goodnight little tiger Goodnight



“Roar, roar, roar!  Goodnight!”


[[Reynolds changed this last part a little!]]

I’m a little kid

And my daddy loves me

And I’m a big kid

And my mommy loves me

And when they tuck me in to say “Goodnight”

They say, “good night, little darlin’! Goodnight!”



Goodnight little kid Goodnight!



good night, little darlin’! Goodnight!”



Goodnight everybody Goodnight



Goodnight, goodnight, goodnight!”




AR December Project




During the month of December, every student who made 100 on an AR test of their reading level, got to decorate a Christmas ornament or a snowflake. The ornaments were placed on the Library tree and the snowflakes were displayed on the Library windows.


I'm so proud of the participation! Considering that the project only lasted about two weeks, the 368 ornaments and snowflakes is a really big number!!


We've got big plans for the second semester! Parties and/or Prizes for winning classes! Have fun reading and be rewarded,too. Win! Win!


First RIF Distribution Scheduled!

The first RIF (Reading is Fundamental)  distribution is scheduled for Wednesday, December 7th. This may need to be changed if our book shipment isn't here on time! Check here for the latest!


When we DO have the distribution, every child at Heritage will receive a book that they can keep for their very own.  These books are provided by RIF, a non-profit organization and Southside ISD.  From the RIF website:


"Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) is the largest children’s literacy nonprofit in the United States.We prepare and motivate children to read by delivering free books and literacy resources to those children and families who need them most. We inspire children to be lifelong readers through the power of choice. RIF provides new, free books for children to choose from and make their own. The seeds of inspiration in these books have motivated children to follow their dreams and achieve their potential. Yes, it seems incredible for a book to launch a life, but it happens every day as hungry, inquisitive young minds reach out and grab hold of the new people, places, and ideas that books bring them."


We are pleased to be able to participate in this program. For more information, you can visit their site at

Book Fair was a Great Success!!

Student Sneak Peek Day!

The first book fair for this school year was a huge success! Sales started out Monday, October 3rd, with a bang and finished on Friday with a huge explosion that broke all records!


Friday was our Family Event. An early release day, families came to the school to pick up the first report cards of the year and stopped by to visit the book fair.


I want to shout out a huge thank you to our parent volunteers! Cynthia Mendez, Monica Martinez, Cathy Guerrero, Geraldine Peralta, Christina Matheny, Karelyn Graf and Yvonne Gonzales. Christina Matheny was the winner of the volunteers' prize drawing and won the complete series of Chronicles of Narnia and a Heritage t-shirt.


The profits from the book fair will be used for much needed supplies and equipment for our library. Thank you to everyone who supported us!

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